Wandering in Coron: Twin Lagoon

Wandering in Coron: Twin Lagoon

One of the highlights of the ultimate island tour we availed during our Coron Trip was the twin lagoon. With its deep green water which is a mixture of salt and fresh water surrounded by towering lime stones covered in lush greenery, Twin Lagoon indeed is one of the must see in Coron, Palawan.

outer lagoon

As reflected in the name, twin lagoon is composed of two lagoons. An outside lagoon that serves as docking area for the boats and an inner one where you can enjoy the waters.

inner lagoon

The inner lagoon is accessible via a crevice. This small passage will be filled with water during high tide leaving you with only two choices – either to swim underneath or to climb up the ladder over the rock to reach the inner lagoon.

the crevice and the ladder

The Lagoon is more or less a 30-minute boat ride from Coron pier and as you come nearer the entrance, you will be awed by the amazing stone formations around.

As we disembarked from our boat, I swam directly heading to the inner lagoon. The other tourists, since there was no raft around, were ordered by our guide to form a human centipede for easier and faster way for each and everyone to reach the inner lagoon.


Twin Lagoon is usually included in the ultimate island tours offered by various tour operators in Coron inclusive of entrance fee. But if you decide to go on a private tour, entrance fee is around php 100.

Things to do:

Swimming, snorkeling – fishes in Coron are quite territorial they would bite you whenever you come near their territory