Included in the ultimate island tour package we availed, Kayangan Lake was the 2nd to the last tourist destination we visited on our 2nd day in Coron.  Dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines, I could say it has really lived to its reputation.


Since the boats were docked along the bay, we had to hike for approximately 15 minutes to reach the lake. We passed through wooden walkways in the docking area and endured an uphill climb passing through the man made concrete stairs of approximately 300 steps. Midway through the climb we stopped by the view deck overlooking Kayangan Bay for some picture taking.

Upon reaching the lake, we were awed by the clear bluish green water surrounded by  walls of lime stones covered in lush natural greenery. The water was cold but just cool enough to refresh us after our 15-minute hike. We were not able to reach the farthest side of the lake since there was no raft on the lake when we visited. The lake is quite wide that it would take some time if one would opt to explore.


We spent just around 30 minutes in the lake since we were on a tour package, but indeed, swimming in Kayangan Lake is one of the not to be missed experience when wandering in Coron.

Kayangan Lake is usually included already in the tour packages offered by various tour operators in Coron inclusive of entrance fees. But if you opt to go on a private tour, entrance fee is around php200 per person.


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