We’ve been to this Island twice. The first one was on Summer of 2015 and the second was just Summer of this year. We’ve heard about the island countless times already since it is just a short boat ride away from our place (approximately 45 min).

The island is privately owned thus entrance fees as well as docking fee are required upon visiting. Docking fee is 500 pesos inclusive of the entrance fee for 2 persons. The rest of the visitors will be charged php 100 / head. These were the rates during our first and last visit.

Visitors could also play beach volleyball with a certain fee for ball rental. Cottage rates varies depending on your choice but we had ours at php 1000.

On our recent visit, we were able to explore this part of the island that we have not visited last 2015. A bit rocky but the water was clear, cold and refreshing.


Going to this side of the island we passed by this signage, which I find really nice.



There were very few people wandering around this part of the island so we had it all for ourselves.


There was an on-going construction at the back part of the island. We heard they will be adding additional cottages to accommodate visitors who would like to stay overnight. Nevertheless, we did not inquire further because we were too caught up with exploring the other part of the island we have not visited yet.


Shortly after our brief exploration, we headed back to our cottage to rest and eat. From our cottage I was able to snap this view of the island where the boats are usually docked.


It was already late in the afternoon when we packed up and headed home.


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