I have always been fascinated by historical places. And this fascination has led me and my siblings into visiting two of Cebu’s historical towns.

Oslob, Cebu

Straight from a roughly 5 hour – trip (combination of land and sea) from our hometown going back to the City, we just left our luggage at home and headed directly to Cebu South Bus Terminal. We were able to catch a bus bound for Dumaguete, which will pass by Oslob and it was already around past one o’clock when the bus finally hit the road.

With some occasional stops to unload and load passengers, by around 5 PM we arrived at our drop off point –  Oslob Public Market which is just along the National Highway. After alighting from the bus, we asked some of the locals for directions and then we made our way to the town center.

Cherry Blossom Tree beside the Municipal Hall

We passed by the Municipal Hall and went straight to the Church passing along Calle Aragones,  the oldest Street in Oslob named after Fray Juan Jose Aragones who was the first Parish Priest of the town.


Walking along Calle Aragones going straight towards the coastal area to the right you will find the Cuartel. Also known as the Ruins, it was built through the efforts of Maestro Don Marcos Sabandal to serve as Spanish Barracks but construction was halted upon the arrival of Americans.

At the back of the Ruins is the Oslob Museum.



Straight ahead of Calle Aragones towards the coastal area is the Cuartel Beach. For a public place, I would say the place is impressively clean and well maintained.


Facing the sea, to the left side of Cuartel Beach you can find Baluarte. The structure was built in 1788 as part of the defense system in dispelling Moro raiders during that time. This is just one of the six watchtowers built along the coastline of Oslob.


Facing toward the town from the beach, one could have the entire front view of the church including its old walls.



Should we had more time, we would have stayed for a while to enjoy Cuartel Beach but since we were in a hurry we quickly headed back to the highway to catch a bus for our next destination. We walked along Calle Aragones on our way back to the highway and we passed by this house.


We just find it cute so we took some shots.

After an hour of exploring we first took care of our growling stomach before we headed to the next town – Boljoon.


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