Earlier this year, my sister and I agreed to spend our 2016 Summer visiting the neighboring islands / islets of our hometown, Madridejos. The original plan was to visit three island/islet which we were able to do so and one of them is Tanguingui Islet. An islet located approximately 30 kilometers away from the Northernmost tip of Bantayan Island. It is under the jurisdiction of Madridejos, a fourth income class municipality in Bantayan Island.

the entire view of the Islet from our pumpboat

Travel time was approximately one  hour. We took off from Brgy. Mancilang,  a coastal barangay in Madridejos, which is where our place of residence is also located. Since the place was also hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda, and is composed mainly of sand and rocks, only very few coconut trees were able to survive.

few of the coconut trees with their twisted leaves that survived the Super Typhoon Yolanda

Under the scorching heat of the sun we enthusiastically wandered around the islet. Our first stop was the Lighthouse. Unfortunately, the caretaker was  not around so we were not able to get inside and climb the top of the lighthouse.

a modern lighthouse replacing the old one

So, instead, we opted to explore the old structures surrounding the lighthouse.


The new lighthouse replaced the old one and from the stories I heard, the old structure looked like the typical lighthouses from the old times with the signature winding staircase. I’ve been googling but I just could not seem to find an exact description of Tanguingui Lighthouse except for the Blog post of LakbayLoyd. And quoting from his Blog, “El Faro De Islote De Tanguingui was originally designed in 1893 and necessitated to be built on this islet to guide vessels going to ports of Iloilo and Cebu and passing through the Visayan Sea.”


what’s left of the old lighthouse structure

After satiating our lighthouse craze, we headed to the rocky side of the islet.


The clear turquoise water was so tempting but I was very hesitant to dive not because I do not know how to swim but because of those pointed rocks and barnacles.In the end,  I was just able to dip my hands and feet in the water. LOL!

After almost 2 hours of enjoying our stay in the islet, we decided to pack up and head to our next destination which was Guintacan Island.


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